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Base Systems

TenCate Ecocept is a new type of porous pavement specifically designed to function as part of the base system that supports TigerTurf sport surfaces. It improves the biomechanical properties of our sports turf surfaces, which reduce impact on players. TenCate Ecocept has the load-bearing capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for the conventional thick layer of crushed stone normally required for sub-bases. It functions as a performance layer with capillary drainage action, leading to superior lateral drainage capability.

TenCate Accorder is a geotextile laid by TigerTurf as part of our base construction. It stabilizes most soils effectively, without the need for deep base construction. As there is no need for deep excavation, less soil will be removed from the site, and hence, less aggregate will be trucked onto the site, so less expensive soil types can be used in the construction of the base.

TENCATE SINE TenCate Sine is a shock pad now used by TigerTurf that is made of cross-linked, closed cell polyethylene foam with a woven loop construction. It has been engineered to improve the technical performance of our sports turfs, along with providing effective drainage in both vertical and horizontal directions