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18 June

Atomic Pro 40

Maximise the use of School Sports Fields with TigerTurf Atomic Pro 40 synthetic turf for football and hockey

When selecting a synthetic sports turf, it is important to make sure the correct turf is chosen based on your intended use and application and that it meets the expectations of players, coaches and facility owners.

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01 Mar

Synthetic Turfs Give Schools’ Options

TigerTurf offer a greater choice of Turf so your students have a greater choice of Sports

Schools want to give students a greater choice of sports, in order to engage more children in physical activity. However, providing the right sports facilities requires space and funding which is at a premium at many schools.

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19 Nov

The new FIH testing guidelines for hockey pitches explained

Recent updates to the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf have seen a raft of changes brought in, improving the way hockey pitches and products are tested for certification. Here Eric O’Donnell from leading sports surface development experts, Sports Labs, discusses what this means for your new facility.

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19 Dec

Maintaining your synthetic grass lawn

TigerTurf landscape lawns are versatile products for home, school, and facility use. Excellent for areas where natural grass doesn’t thrive, for heavy foot traffic areas and for places where you might want to enjoy a soft green lawn that looks fabulous all year round with minimal maintenance.

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23 Nov