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Golf Course

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand – that’s why TigerTurf is so popular on the golf course. Golf courses by TigerTurf are maintenance free, all-weather surface that remain lush and green all year through.TigerTurf is committed to providing you with high quality short-game practice facilities. The workmanship and design skills of our experienced design and installation team are well respected and appreciated by our many customers

TigerTurf – Benefits and Advantages
  • Manufactured using UV resistant, texturized monofilament fibres, offering high durability & resistance to wear
  • Non-directional grass that provides consistency in ball roll and bounce regardless of the direction in which the ball is putt
  • Excellent ball roll speed
  • Better control over ball roll
  • Non-filled options available too that are fully adhered to provide dimensional stability
  • Low maintenance which means no rolling or brushing required as opposed to filled systems
  • Minimal ball bounce when chipping from a distance
  • Surface takes spins mimicking the best greens Augusta has to offer
  • Easily contoured for putting angles & breaks
  • Consistent performance without need for watering, mowing, coring or spraying
  • Enhance the experience by adding a felt layer/shock pad under the green to negate ball bounce

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