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Multi Sports Turf

TigerTurf’s synthetic, all-weather, multi-use playing surfaces have become a standard facility in primary schools, intermediate schools and colleges throughout India, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the Americas and rest of Asia. Clubs and real estate projects are also finding multi use sports surfaces providing better value for money as you can have multiple sports without the need for a larger area

Plan of manufacturing multi sports infrastructure

Why us?

  • A specially engineered turf suitable for more than one sport and conforming to the standard of individual play at the same time – a first from TigerTurf.
  • Hard pressed for space – don’t worry. We even build on your rooftop!
  • Get more for less – ask our cad team for a free estimation

Benefits and Advantages
  • TigerTurf Multi-sport surfacesprovide excellent playing characteristics for virtually all sporting disciplines including badminton, basketball, cricket, football, golf, handball, hockey, netball, running tracks, tennis, volleyball and counting
  • TigerTurf is an all-weather surface which is impervious to extremes of temperature
  • Made from Quality virgin fibres that are heavy metal and lead free
  • The surface is UV stabilized which means no perceptible fading
  • The surface is durable and hard-wearing surface and also maintenance friendly
  • The surface requires no mowing, watering or weeding
  • Fire retardant surface
  • A high tuft rate per square metre that withstands spikes as well as cushions bare feet
  • Available in variety of colours for easier demarcation
  • Not only used for sports but the surface is also ideal for assembly as well as recreational activities
  • Proven track record that is more than 35 years “young”

Our vinyl sports flooring range is suitable for all indoor sports and has high shock absorption properties and is an extremely durable playing surface. The advanced technology ensures that the sports floor is adequately cushioned, thus greatly lowering the impact on the joints of players. We have a range of surfaces in a variety of colours and topcoat finishing, bringing out the aesthetic value of the sport

Benefits and Advantages

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Very resilient
  • High shock absorption
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Sound absorbing
  • Comfortable underfoot experience

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